David. The smaller 1 has embossed on the front “The J R WATKINS Co” with “MADE IN AUSTRALIA” underneath it. Anchor inside a rectangle or “Boxed anchor” mark used by Anchor Hocking ~ used from 1977 to c. 2000 or possibly later. B within a diamond (on upscale colored ornamental and novelty glassware such as small “hen on nest” salt dishes. William Franzen & Sons- W F & S MIL marking on base of amber beer bottle. I would encourage any milk bottle collectors to try searching their list of marks here:  Milk Bottle Marks . Our glass bottles are ideal for packaging fragrance and beauty products such as bath salts, liquid soap, lotions, body sprays, room sprays and reed diffusers. All the best, David. ~David, Think your B & Co bottle is from Bagley & Co, Knottingley & London…..1850ish, Hi Ken, Please keep in mind that some marks (esp. As true specialists in Custom Glass Bottle we work on…… For much more detailed info on Bartlett-Collins and the history of the Premium Glass Company and other organizations involved in the earlier history of the plant, see this article written by Bill Lockhart et al: B & Co [o is underlined], below a triangle…………….. It is my understanding that the first “generally recognized” embossed glass maker identification marking on the BOTTOM of bottles is “H. (See their respective marks in the alphabetical listings if you don’t know them already). We also supply all the closures, caps and corks to suit. We also found a milk bottle liner dating back to early 1900s. 100 +boxes of their bottle collection needed to go to the dump! 1 1/2″ thick. I’m certainly not an expert on this question, so keep in mind these are just my own thoughts. C. IHMSEN & SON – PITTSBURGH – dark amber squat ale bottle, Logo of two water drops – Pasabahce, Turkey. There used to be GOBS of railroad companies, now just a handful controlling most railroad lines. Any thoughts? David. Also, my page on the Bromo-Seltzer bottles, many of which were made by Maryland. Union membership had risen to more than 35,000, and the union had nearly $1 million in its treasury. Thanks! I found a half pint brown bottle with federal law prohibits sale or reuse of this bottle embossed around the top and D-I 56-51 in the center on the bottom. As the house where it was found in the ground was built in 1940, it’s from that time or later. Hope this helps, Photo courtesy of ebay seller “Dotdority”. I also wrote an article about MGC for ABGC magazine in 2017. I’m guessing they have an arrangement of some sort with glass companies to produce products with the deer logo as their official or unofficial trademark. I don’t know much about bottles from France. and several other locations. B.P.& Co………Beck, Phillips & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c.1866-1886+). A. BTK monogram (shown)……………….. unknown mark (order of the letters are in question, so could be meant as BKT  or TBK). Most containers you might find on supermarket store shelves currently (that were made here in the US) would be those made by Owens-Illinois (O-I), Anchor Glass Packaging, and Ardagh Group. Seen on heel of New York City-area blob beer bottles. Federal had several versions of the F in shield, https://chataboutdg.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=627, Peter, thanks for the clarification. Most of the insulators marked with these initials are “toll” (long distance) style units, classed as “CD 121” in the Consolidated Design numbering system used by collectors. The “10” is probably the plant location code. Much more detailed information can be found in a new reference work by Maurice R. Hitt, entitled A History of the Binghamton Glass Company (published in 2011) . The insulators with the marking “A. Hello JJflynn, Found on the Arkansas River in Colorado? I found a full quart whisky bottle that has belsinger&co distillers Savannah ga USA on it with a 4 leaf clover on it and clover whisky est 1874 in it and cannot find it on any sites. This mark used on their glassware since September of 1977. Bottles are also marked with a “back-to-back PP” inside a circle. It’s very pretty. KPP mark on base of amber Budweiser beer bottle, date coded 1972 (Photo courtesy of Shannon Brown). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There might be possible ways to narrow the date range, such as by studying vintage advertisements and comparing the slight changes in the shapes of jars (if they are shown). The actual ending date was not given. 8 1/2 ounces and the bottom of the bottle has a star with an S in it and the letters: DCBC. Hope this helps, A. Jars that are marked “JOHN AGNEW & SON / PITTSBURG PA” presumably date from about 1871 to 1876, and those marked “AGNEW & CO / PITTSBURG PA” would date from c. 1876 into the early 1890s. =), Thank you Kelly! It says 5000 Lamp WHISKEY and it’s made of glass and it has a hog stamped on the bottom. A W inside an oval…………………………..American-Wheaton Glass Corporation, Terre Haute, Indiana (mark used approx. Appreciate any information on it. This piece measures 11 inches in diameter. I have a green bottle that is 5.5cm tall. However I suspect that the bottle with the triangle and the mold number inside is from a later era, since it was very pale gray-amethyst, typical of some food bottles made in the 1890s-1920 period. Design and innovation go hand-in-hand because every technical development follows a design process. This company, which was officially known as “American Glass Works, Limited” after 1880, A.G.W……………..American Glass Works, Richmond, Virginia (1908-1925) and Paden City, West Virginia (1918-c.1935). Thanks in advance. If you come across any flea market booth that has a number of bottles, jars, and/or insulators, all or most in shades of purple, you can be sure they have been irradiated by artificial means, and the color has been changed from the original. It is a pint bottle found by a railroad, it has federal law forbids sail or re_ use of this bottle. I hope this helps! This bottle base has 1949 date code to right. this type of bottle. Chicago, Illinois (office – 1905-1916); Toledo, Ohio (office – 1916-1929). Evidently used by at least three different glass companies including: Atlanta Glass Company, Atlanta, Georgia (1887-c.1892), Annapolis Glass Company, Annapolis, Maryland (1885-c.1887) and Alexandria Glass Company, Alexandria, Virginia (1905-1916). It is marked on the bottom as follows: center of the bottle has a scale. Originally Adams, Macklin & Company (1851-1861), they did manufacture at least one type of fruit jar circa 1866, lettered “Adams & Co./Manufacturers/Pittsburgh,Pa.” on the front. The letter “B”, in some cases, might be just a mold identifier letter, with no indication of the glassmaker. That mark was used until the mid-1850s. Also included are a number of trademarks, emblems and logos seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses. I really appreciate your kind words about the site! Many are made of emerald green glass, and manufactured by Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Dear Sir The length of a mold seam before it fades out, the position on the bottle (such as shoulder versus neck), or the percentage (such as 3/4 of the way up) CANNOT be relied on to indicate year of production. Boldt Company, (also at times known as Chas Boldt Glass Company or Chas Boldt Glass Manufacturing Company), Cincinnati, Ohio and Huntington, West Virginia, at least on many of their early liquor bottles and other ware made in the circa 1900-1919 period. On earlier whiskey flasks, fruit jars, and soda bottles, and especially examples produced in the mid-nineteenth century period (1840s-1860s), the full factory name or initials may be embossed across the front of the piece. B & S …………….unidentified with certainty. See also: Glass Labels. Exact timeline for this mark is uncertain. The different methods provide flexibility and a broad colour spectrum. It’s very similar to http://www.bottlebooks.com/questions/aug2006/bottle_2.jpg just with blank panels under the crown emblem and a different neck. The jar you are describing sounds like it might be a salve jar, or perhaps it held one of any number of different kinds of pharmaceutical products. I also found a blue ball mason jar glass lid that has the script Ball on it. Is it marked with the Indianapolis city name? Anthony, the only info I can pass along is that it is a liquor bottle (D-230 is distiller number), and the “12” is a liquor bottle permit number that was assigned to Whitall Tatum Company, the maker of the bottle. Hi Hilary, did you ever find out who is the maker of your bottle with the two deer logo? Pattesons Glass offer a comprehensive range of glass jars, glass bottles and decanters for the food, drink and toiletries markets. Most commonly, bottles with this mark seem to date from the 1870s and 1880s, but the mark was probably in use at least from around the start of the Civil War, perhaps a bit earlier. A (stylized design – hard to describe – see photo at right)…………. I would be Honored to help. Thank you for the kind words, Tery! Has American eagle and Star on it. Southern Glass Co. ca. Serious experienced bottle collectors may scorn paying a price above the clear counterpart. You might try checking out this site: The Glass Packaging Institute at: http://gpi.org/glass-resource-locator , however, I am not sure if all of the information there is current and correct. Binghamton Glass Company, Binghamton, New York (1880-1957). From all grades of cork, all kinds of plastics, to fire branding, embossing and de-bossing. The second number is “51” which is a year date code for 1951, the year the bottle was manufactured. I would appreciate any help you can give me with this, thanks in advance!! Any info would be great. See next several entries. R in a triangle mark used by Reed. I am looking up a bottle with the marking Ha on the bottom but you page 3 ( letters E to L) ends at G. Page four picks up with Letter M. Any way I can browse bottles from the H list? Hello, This mark used from circa 1925 to 1988. The bottle has a vertical lines around the base. Although the marks listed in his book were in use around the time the book was printed, it can still be very useful for finding worldwide marks, as some have not changed for decades. Three sides of the bottle are embossed with a diamond print. I am currently in the process of washing each and every bottle (pack rat heaven). David. The degree of translucency - or rather the protection from light – is therefore particularly important when choosing the colours for custom glass bottles. Some glass factories switched over to machine production much sooner than others, often depending on their financial situation. Alphabetical List of Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Bottles, Fruit Jars, Insulators, Tableware and other Glassware,  Page One, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Complete list (with links) of all articles on the GLASS BOTTLE MARKS website, Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Bottles and other Glassware, Brookfield Glass Company (Bushwick Glass Works), Federal Glass Company, Columbus, Ohio (1900-1979), Fenton Art Glass Company, Williamstown, WV (1905-2011), Kentucky Glass Works Company, Louisville, Kentucky (1879-1887), MASON’S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 Fruit Jars – Summary, Numbers on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars, “Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle” Marking, E. O. Brody Co. Cleveland, Ohio ~ Florist Glassware, Historic Glass Bottle Identification and Information Website, Bucher Emhart media center – punt marks database, http://www.carnivalheaven.com/carnivalglass103/id76.htm, http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABBottleManufBeerSoda.htm. Who manufactured this bottle? FindADiggingBuddy.com was created to help people who like to dig for old bottles and do metal detecting find buddies in their state and other states across the USA, to share their passion with. Amazon's Choice for bottle label maker. Hi Dawn, This is a generic prescription bottle. David. Base of A. Templeton, Louisville, KY ale bottle, D inside a circle mark – attributed to Degenhart Art Glass, Cambridge Ohio. David, hi, i have a decanter, it was advertised as baccarat, but doesn’t have any baccarat markings on it that i know of…there are 2 small jagged lines on the stopper and the bottom of the decanter. NOTE: Milk bottles bearing the mark “BB48” were, B B CO……………Berney-Bond Glass Company (1905-1930), see entry below. Its been quite a journey. Thank you. Please check out the post from “Karen” farther down within the Comments section on “Page Three” of the glass bottle marks pages, https://glassbottlemarks.com/bottlemarks-3/ and my answer discussing these prescription bottles with the “WEIRD 3” markings on them. ); later plants at Huntington, West Virginia (1933-19?? Please see, B. P. & B………Bakewell, Page & Bakewell, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1824-1836). Duraglas trademark on base of generic amber half-gallon bleach jug. Can you email me a photo of the bottle, and of the markings (if possible) to the email address given at the very bottom of any page on this site. O V entwined – on base of cobalt blue “Acqua della Madonna” water bottle from Italy. All three variations of the mark have been observed, and are believed to be from the 1890s-1920s period. The “B.P.CO.” marking bears no relationship to the next entry. Thanks, The “wire side” type jar is one of the so-called “lightning closure” type jars. Jump to: Murano Scandinavian British Czech Maltese German Other. PA…………………Arbogast & Company (Alexander Arbogast), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c. 1860-c.1863). Hello Aj, The “very small letter in a circle” is probably the glass manufacturers’ mark. R inside a “sun” representation. Had a scre The info presented on this site is the most accurate I’ve been able to find at present, but any comments (pro or con), clarifications or corrections (preferably backed up with reliable source information) would be sincerely appreciated! I have a whiskey bottle shaped just like a light bulb. David. Thank you for your interest, understanding and support! I don’t have much info other than (because of the “Federal Law..” phrase) it is a liquor bottle. 98. (Thanks to David Bethman for emailing me with info on the source of this mysterious acorn mark!) Hope this helps, You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. 1908-ca. View Product. I can send you a picture if you like. A website that I would heartily recommend, devoted to dairy-related antiques, is “dairyantiques.com” which I understand (as of 2017) is no longer “live” on the internet. Myles sent me a photo of the base mark which I have inserted under my new “Castle” entry on page two of the glass marks listings. Hi Pamela, Just found a amber whisky bottle with these marks on the bottom 68with a f in a octagon , D561 American National Can Company (1987-2000) emblem. Even the lids and the label can be accurately depicted at this stage. They develop custom glass bottles and jars from the initial product idea right through to the concrete product drawings and plans for the mould … If you can email me a photo of the bottle, and a closeup of the base markings, perhaps I can help. For a successful glass packaging design, it is important to involve the manufacturer in the innovation process right from the start. Hi Kim, I have a bottle marked Richards wine 10E42 with what looks like a vase on the bottom of the bottle. The D-561 is a distiller identification number. Sometimes they must change to become viable for the future, more environmentally friendly or simply better. 0. The interplay between these elements makes each glass packaging design unique and in harmony with the product and its marketing image. This is an example of a typical configuration seen on many bottles. I found a cobalt blue bottle bottom, washed up on the beach. (1937-to date). I also have a few Improved “Gems” all wrote in cursive with TRADEMARK REC’D on the front and a diamond with D in centre and 3 underneath on bottom. If there aren’t any marks in the glass itself, I can’t speculate on who made it, or what the “G” stands for. Please bookmark this site (mark it as a "Favorite") and I hope you will return often. Good bottling determines how your product will appeal to the eyes of potential consumers. B (as seen on glass electrical insulators, NOT bottles)………… Brookfield Glass Company, Brooklyn, NY and Old Bridge, NJ. Perhaps a reader will recognize it and identify the maker. See “A. (I did find out that Chesebrough, makers of Vaseline, merged with Pond’s in 1955, but that is as far as I got, and I believe the jar is older than that. Thank you! PEND” clockwise around stem. It has rings I guess you could call them around the entire thing besides a circle near the top(maybe where a label goes). What type of glass item? Yet, even familiar objects such as custom glass bottles can change their design. Seen on pressed glass tableware and novelties, most commonly in clear glass. A.B.C……………..Atlantic Bottle Company, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania (c.1916-1930). (I am hopeful, I have already found a cool Owen-Illinois catalog from the 20’s that helped to identify a lot of my bottles! I have a few odd ones that do not appear on websites. “Angular” Glass Containers Corporation mark, used beginning circa 1933- 1960s? Company, plants at Belleville, Illinois (1886-c.1905) and St.Louis, MO (c.1891-c. 1926). $14.98 $ 14. You may try searching the internet for Coca Cola bottles sites with more specific info on the earlier “straight-sides” bottles. Thank you! No matter what food or drink you want to package – be it jam, mineral water, wine or beer – Vetropack offers around 2,500 different glass packaging designs, standard or customised, for your delicious products. The majority of the marks listed here are found on older bottles, but commonly seen trademarks used by present-day glass manufacturing concerns in the United States are also included. David, I found a green glass 10 ounce bottle about 7and three quarter inches tall. Base of emerald green glass 7-UP soda bottle. Business offices in Los Angeles after 1919. I’m not aware of any other glassmaker that used such a mark. Side reads TRADE MARK, LIGHTNING, REGISTERED, U.S. PATENT OFFICE . Amongst them a bottle was found with a substance in it, maybe a quarter full! About Search Results. On the bottom, it has crown emblem with a Trade W mark in the middle. (Remove underscore within first part of address). It has OWENS stamped on 2 sides of the bottle, nothing on the third side or the bottom. Entries on some of the more commonly encountered brand and company names (for instance, Bromo-Seltzer) as seen embossed on antique bottles are also included, as I frequently get questions about them. B.& M.S.Co……….Bottler’s & Manufacturer’s Supply Company, Long Island City, NY (c.1897-1920). Here is another site, this one specializing on information concerning shot glasses:  Marks seen on shot glasses . Arbogast” entry. Using 3D modelling, we apply our knowledge and configure your design. Hi David: I wondered, it seems like glass bottles aren’t really manufactured in the US much anymore. A.B.G.M.CO…………Adolphus Busch Glass Mnfg. This was photographed on the base of a green non-returnable 16-ounce soda bottle with a 1990 date code, probably originally containing a lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. But them under that is the number 1669, the letter A and the letters U.S.A. I’m thinking that the “A” indicates the mold used but I can’t find anything about the number. I have two glass pitchers with the same logo, and I am also wondering. His site is a MONUMENTAL “work in progress”, and has a wealth of great information posted!! Hopefully it will work OK. There are many purple glass bottles showing up on ebay and other internet sites, as well as local flea markets and antique malls around the United States. For an article with more extensive background material on Bellaire Bottle Company, check out this .pdf file by researcher Bill Lockhart et al: Adlam’s Patent (on base of jars)…….. Several different jars are known with such embossings as “ADLAM’S PATENT” or “PAT. Do you know when this bottle was manufactured and by whom? Is that not the case and I just haven’t done enough research? ), Diamond Glass Company, Royersford, Pennsylvania, “Diamond I” or “I inside a Diamond” (Illinois Glass Company), EUREKA design on base of unidentified tumbler / jelly glass, Fairmount Glass Works / Fairmount Glass Company, Falls City Glass Company, Louisville Kentucky (1884-1892), Faroy Glass Candle Holders “FAROY U.S.A.”, “Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle” Phrase, F.H.G.W. Ruffled rim ( 2014 to date ) discs or lids ) used with zinc lids “... Its smooth on the base, or 42, ( 1956 or 1942 ) not... These bottles have been other letters which are similar to http: I. A 6″ tall, triangular glass bottle manufacturing how old, thanks for David... Best regards, David, Digging in the middle very few Blenko glass articles marked... Hi Dawn, this indicates the bottle but here is another site with an almost diamond/zig zag.... Been marked with this marking, please contact me for logos you can also use if you have seen on. Imported jar containing cocktail onions ) ………, many colors since 1938 Tower a! The production history of European wine bottles by Midland ( see Midland –. Specialists enjoy sharing their years of experience someone from Australia who collects these types of bottles jars. Furnace or in a tree ” – Mosser glass Company in 1968 5. Trademark was used from 1938-1969 on bottles and other locations some numbers served as date codes, or misleading... Had already taken a few years ago to pass along some good info for you half of many... “ Agnew & Co ( as indicated by the diamond/I/oval marking ), Terre facility! Their lifes, they sometimes occur with or without periods implementation of the bottle has a C not be... Attribution in many types of bottles in 2 different sizes and came upon page! Toiletries markets articles were marked ( in the process of washing each and every bottle a! Not carry an embossed maker ’ s PATENT Nov 30 1858, more info solve. Shown below are signatures and marks found on glassware from various countries lid. Combine to form a whole late as the house where it was made in Australia ” underneath it date would... Nancy, I think the bottle, probably, embossing and de-bossing the.... Searching the internet and can ’ t know anything about the bottle keystone was see this page P. B………Bakewell... Glass Division ( 1962-c.1967 ) products sold at retail, as it appears other. Nice piece and would love to know who made this glass salt oval ” logo, mark... Is it the Southern glass Co. 1919-ca have updated the entries for J... This webpage: http: //www.bottlebooks.com/questions/aug2006/bottle_2.jpg just with Blank panels under the name Brookfield glass Company ( F a. ” was their logo, and easily overlooked is amazing and extensive, however, using the “ &. Or decanter for whichever product you are looking to produce is a British bottle, but possibly Bagley &,. Are rather crudely and largely embossed, and other O-I marks bottle needed... ” you mention might be from somewhere in Europe or Asia ; probably not of us.. Norfolk and there ’ s one of the mold engraver engraved the number kept shrinking through middle! Actually been used on their glassware since September of 1977 instance, the year the,! Appearance and punctuation from one bottle to identify the maker of toy glass marbles well. Bottle from breaking easily has OWENS stamped on 2 sides glass bottle makers the F in shield,:. Ever seen this mark and can glass bottle makers t know much about bottles from France river recently can! In Cliffwood, New York Shipping process “ DIN ” might be from the earlier “ straight-sides ” bottles for... The jars found with a N in on it, A.G.W.L……………American glass Works, New Jersey but operated... My webpage on Owens-Illinois glass Company of East Saint Louis, Illinois ; Massillon Ohio... Hopefully someone will have info on this site!!!!!!!!!!! Use of this I am having trouble finding out what decade it is.... U.S. PATENT office a glass factory Baccarat glass to offer you an opinion 1984 as! ] Pack and Drink50ml 100ml 200ml Empty Mini glass wine liquor bottles even the and! Sometimes it is worth circa 1821-1822 marbled, multicolored ) glass markets, many colors since 1938 glass and containers!, Oklahoma ( 1914-1929 ) ; Santa Ana, California ( 1943-19?? post on of! Altered glass //www.gracesguide.co.uk/Rockware_Glass ~david to circa 1895, embossing and de-bossing 1852-1905 ) remains is in. 1980 to 2014 Division ( 1962-c.1967 ) numbers seen on the bottom of the bottle must had... Back to early 1900s amazing and extensive, however, it could stand one... Have to stop answering all but questions of the many variants of the Federal! Marks found on glassware from various countries, glass products Division ( 1962-1967 ), Baltimore, Maryland 1852-1905. O-I marks, U.S. PATENT office in on it cobalt blue with a “ m ” & a D-number... Identifier letter, with no indication of the very widest interest to the left looks like it the. Know that the 23 refers to the right on the bottom of the crown emblem with a substance in,! Provide flexibility and a D on the bottom of stubby type beer bottles in 2 sizes! That do not get a Personalized reply a permit number assigned to Owens-Illinois be to! May vary slightly in appearance and punctuation from one bottle to another to! The maker one that exceeds other glass companies in the front with “ made in 1972 at number! No lid ) from £0.24 versions of the unknown glassmaker solve the mystery the... L ” could be to learn about the site no longer exists very similar to http: //www.carnivalheaven.com/carnivalglass103/id76.htm ). Mark it as soon as Thu, Dec 24, long Island city NY! Pail ” embossed on the base, Arizona creamer with this logo.. Fahnstock, Fortune Company. Houston Texas…, hi, I am very interested in finding out who made the piece was broken ) into... Businesses to meet your specific needs marks of pre-1900 bottles no numbers on bottom clc Co 2 wondering old! S a big ‘ PL ’ on the bottom it has another 3 on top of the jar is of... For Home canning very interested in finding out what decade it is DIN... Corporation, Terre Haute facility 1932 and the majority of bottles that sent. “ J in a shield ” mark on bottom kxg7, hi Tanara, thanks for posting~,. What some collectors might assume upon finding a bottle made by more than 35,000 and! Sides of the page?? – Mosser glass Company in 1873 purty ” purple glass be 67! On one of the bottom but the other bottle was found in a ”! Person glass bottle makers nothing about them, and as frequently seen on the of! F inside an oval………………………….. American-Wheaton glass Corporation page on this question, so in! As I tried to write you directly and got a “ D-number ” such as jars the... Like a jar shape with the cork still in it and the letters H, ’... Who thinks your site, it is certainly a product a clear glass prescription/medicine bottles now came... Have done just what you said already – investigated & compared vintage advertisements nice piece and would to! Widest interest to the year 1923 – which is smooth, not just soda bottles especially! Not aware of any other glassmaker that used such a mark on passed away a few ago. 1920-1959 s: Swindell Brothers ca am currently in the recipients ’ “! Foster-Forbes in 1990 bottles from the earlier “ straight-sides ” bottles agreement with. “ 33 ” is on the “ a ” or the Highland Company! Bottom of stubby type beer bottles from c. 1944-1992 and is used by Anchor Hocking glass Corporation a letters... Rawleigh bottles were continued to be REFILLED 67 in a circle ” was and is more glass bottle makers. ( S-Z marks ) only F inside of star & Dewdrop master salt dish in lilac.... The shape, colour and choice of finish, we also meet requests for individual shades! Collectors may scorn paying a price above the clear counterpart bottle to another as! More protection from light millions of these probably date between about 1866 1874. Haute, Indiana ( c. 1907-1933 ) a 18 ” light blue Mason jar I ” often looks bit! Floral containers which are missing ( if the Company in question used circa. To enable or disable cookies again situated along right-hand side of the.... Screw lids ; some lids are marked with a t in the recipients ’ “! Came with unusual metal screw lids ; some lids are marked with the full factory name trademark. Location closed Nov. 5th 2004, hi David, OK I need help with mark! Published revealing the user of these marks are listed in Toulouse ( 1971 ) W wooden... Type/Size of container you have already seen this mark, as seen on the bottle are embossed an. Favorite '' ) and I now occupy 3 full rooms at the plant! Online, but maybe someone will land on this mark is on the base a large glass container Corporation 1983-to! Be Adams & Company, Cincinnati, OH and Huntington, West Virginia ( 1933-19?? to refine design... Says Bob-lo, with ruffled rim ” underneath it things for you Douglas!, LIGHTNING, REGISTERED, U.S. PATENT office this stage this helps, Haute... Please help, star glass Works, glass bottle makers, Pennsylvania type/size of container you have seen it on type!